Special Notice - 11/8 Event Rescheduled to 11/20

November 5, 2012,

An Evening with Harold Has Been Rescheduled to Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at Maestro's at 5:30 p.m.

If you have any questions, please call the Bronx County Bar Association - 718-293-2227

Lost in Translation

November 4, 2012,

Language should not be the only consideration when choosing an attorney, but it is a very important one. At difficult times when we may be at our most vulnerable, it is very important that our concerns and needs are completely understood and addressed by the person representing us in a legal matter.

In most law offices with signs reading "Se habla español", the attorneys actually rely on an employee, usually a secretary or paralegal, to speak to the client and translate during meetings. This indirect flow of information can result in miscommunications, confusion and misdirection. Usually, the person translating does not have the same level of education as the attorney, or only speaks Spanish as a second language, further reducing the effectiveness of communications. When you eliminate the translator, a different, closer relationship emerges between you and your legal representative.

Another important consideration is our particular cultural sensibilities. Latin Americans are a very diverse group, but we share certain cultural traits and beliefs that sometimes make it more difficult for us to share certain issues. It is important that the attorney representing us understands those cultural issues and helps us communicate honestly about topics which are relevant to our case, even if they are difficult to discuss.
These days you do not have to be afraid of compromising the quality of your attorney by choosing one who speaks your language. There are many very well-respected and experienced attorneys in all fields of the law who are native Spanish speakers. For instance, I have over twenty years of experience in litigation in the courts of New York, and have handled just about every type of civil matter imaginable, as well as having been active in numerous legal organizations.

Your attorney needs to have your trust. If you want to make sure you are clearly understood by your attorney, that all the right questions are asked, and that all answers are clearly understood, choose an attorney who speaks your language and who can communicate with you directly instead of through an intermediary.

We can be contacted at 914-668-8900, or at any time through our firm's website (www.wandcllp.com).

Perdido en la traducción

El lenguaje no debe ser la única consideración al elegir un abogado, pero sí es una consideración muy importante. En esos momentos difíciles en que estamos más vulnerables, es muy importante que nuestros relatos, necesidades, y preocupaciones sean completamente comprendidas y consideradas por la persona que nos representa en un asunto legal.

En la mayoría de las oficinas legales ó bufetes con letreros que reclaman "Se habla español", el actual abogado usualmente depende de un o una empleada, usualmente una secretaria o paralegal, para hablar con los clientes y traducir durante las reuniones. Este flujo de información indirecto puede resultar en mala comunicación, confusión, y errores. Usualmente la persona traduciendo no tiene el mismo nivel de educación del abogado, o sólo habla español como segundo idioma, lo cual puede afectar aún más el nivel de comunicación entre las partes. Cuando usted elimina al traductor, una relación diferente, de más confianza, emerge entre usted y su representante legal.

Otra consideración muy importante son las sensibilidades culturales de cada persona. Los latinoamericanos somos un grupo muy diverso, pero compartimos ciertos rasgos, costumbres y creencias culturales que en ocasiones hacen muy difícil para nosotros el hablar y compartir algunos asuntos personales. Es importante que el abogado que nos represente comprenda esas idiosincracias culturales nuestras y nos ayude a comunicarnos honestamente de tópicos que son relevantes a nuestros casos legales, aunque sean difíciles de discutir.

Hoy en día usted no debe temer que esté comprometiendo la calidad de su abogado si elige uno que hablé su idioma. Hay muchos abogados con impecable reputación y experiencia en todos los campos legales que hablan español como primer idioma. Por ejemplo, yo tengo más de veinte años de experiencia de litigio en las cortes de New York y he procesado casi todo tipo de caso civil ó demanda imaginable, y también he estado activo en numerosas organizaciones de la profesión legal.

Su abogado necesita tener su total confianza. Si desea estar seguro que su caso es completamente comprendido por su abogado, y que todas las preguntas necesarias han sido preguntadas y todas las respuestas han sido comprendidas y consideradas, elija a un abogado que hablé su idioma y pueda comunicarse con usted sin necesidad de intermediarios.

Si desea comunicarse conmigo, puede llamar al 914-668-8900 durante horas de trabajo, o puede comunicarse por correo electrónico a cualquier hora por nuestra página cibermética, www.wandcllp.com.

Weisman & Calderon LLP Offers Decades of Experience in Successful Alternative Dispute Resolution through Mediation and Arbitration

October 13, 2012,

We recently interviewed Harold Weisman, Senior Partner of Weisman & Calderon LLP about his firm's long-standing, and expanding involvement in alternative dispute resolution of personal injury matters through mediation and arbitration. Here is what he had to say:

How long have you been involved handling alternative dispute resolution, both on behalf of your firm's clients and on behalf of other attorneys' clients?

Our firm has decades of experience handling mediations and arbitrations for our firm, and for numerous other attorneys throughout the metropolitan area. Utilizing the services of an experienced jurist or attorney provided through mediation/arbitration services like NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation), JAMs, Settlement Systems, the Jansen Group, or privately, we have negotiated or obtained settlements and/or awards totaling several million dollars on behalf of injured parties, without the expense and delay of protracted pretrial preparation and actual trial.

What is a mediation and what are the advantages of mediating a personal injury matter?

A mediation is a non-binding and informal discussion between the attorneys for the Plaintiff(s) and the Defendant(s), with or without the appearance of the client, depending upon the preference of the attorney, held in front of a neutral party, without pre-set parameters.

A successful mediation must be conducted in a professional manner -- for example, the defendant's insurance adjuster should be present, or available by telephone -- and if undertaken properly and in good faith, more often than not the mediation can at least narrow the potential settlement figures; if not handled properly, a mediation may be prejudicial to the Plaintiff in subsequent conferences held in court, and later, at the eventual trial of the matter. Experienced handling of a mediation is paramount. Packets of evidence are exchanged between the parties, including hospital reports, medial reports, accident reports, photographs, and other documentary evidence, to assist the mediator in understanding the nuances of the case, and to preside over the mediation under relaxed rules of evidence.

Another important consideration is that parties to a mediation may dispense with hiring, and paying, expert witnesses to testify. This increases the net settlement proceeds payable to the injured party. Additionally, there is a substantial time-saving advantage. A case may take several years to process from inception to settlement. Mediation can short-circuit the process, and allow the Plaintiff a favorable result on a greatly expedited basis. A mediation is not binding and ultimately, the Plaintiff must agree to the settlement offer made at a mediation.

What is an arbitration?

Arbitration is a more formal proceeding, and an arbitrator's decision is final and binding. In arbitration, witnesses and evidence are presented; however, cost savings are typically realized from the fact that expert witnesses and doctors do not appear in person and testify -- instead, expert and doctors' reports may be submitted for prior review by the arbitrator. This represents a potentially tremendous cost-saving measure, and will affect the net settlement the Plaintiff receives.

Often, attorneys for the respective parties can enter into predetermined "High/Low agreements" to protect all parties from an unfavorable, or too favorable, determination by the arbitrator. Thus, a Plaintiff subject to such an agreement will be guaranteed to receive the "low" amount, while his/her recovery will be capped at the "high amount".

How can an injured party consult with you concerning alternative dispute resolution in a personal injury matter?

We can be contacted at 914-668-8900, or at any time through our firm's website (www.wandcllp.com).

Bronx County Bar Association to honor Weisman & Calderon LLP Senior Partner Harold Weisman with "An Evening With Harold" on Thursday, November 8, 2012

October 6, 2012,

Weisman Dinner 1.pdf

The Bronx County Bar Association cordially invites you to attend "A Night With Harold" A Tribute Harold Weisman His Contributions to the Bar Association and Legal Profession Will Serve as the Inspiration for the Evening's Tribute. Thursday, November 8, 2012 Maestro's Catering Hall 1703 Bronxdale Avenue Bronx, New York 10462 (718) 548-4209 Cocktails: 5:30 p.m. Dinner: 6:30 p.m.

Response Card

October 6, 2012,

Response Night with Harold.pdf

The Bronx County Bar
"A Night With Harold"
November 8, 2012
1703 Bronxdale Avenue, Bx, N.Y.
Cover $ 125.00
Enclosed please find my check for $________ for _______ guests.
Return this card with guests name and payment no later than
Friday, November 2, 2012 along with your check to:
Bronx County Bar Association
851 Grand Concourse, Room 124
Bronx, New York 10451